Commodore Amiga

Amiga 1000 (1985)

The Commodore Amiga was a series of home computers, focused on graphics and audio. The first model, the Amiga 1000, was released in 1985. The most popular Amiga computer, the Amiga 500, was released in 1987. It featured a MC68000 CPU clocked at 7 MHz, 512 KB RAM, 32 colors (with the possibility of 64 or 4096 colors with special limitations) at a standard resolution of 320x256 (without overscan). It had 4 channels of 8-bit sound at max. 28 KHz sample rate.

It was one of the first affordable home computers with a powerful suite of creative software such as Deluxe Paint (painting, animation), Sculpt 4D and Real 3D (3D modelling), SoundTracker, ProTracker, and OctaMED (music trackers), and much more.

The Amiga also had a huge amount of games of varying quality, including original Amiga games such as Populous, Rick Dangerous, Speedball 2, Worms, Cannon Fodder, Shadow of the Beast, Battle Squadron, Turrican II, and Alien Breed. It also had a bunch of great ports such as Elite, Virus, R-Type, and Dune II.

The Amiga had an extremely active software sharing community in Europe, pirating games and software. The crackers who cracked the original games and spread them attached 'cracktros' to the games, impressive intro sequences with chiptunes and graphical effects. Out of this grew the demoscene community, a group of skilled programmers, artists, and composers with unmatched abilities and a lot of attitude. The spreading of software also made the Amiga the host of many of the world's first computer viruses.

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Amiga Virus
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Computer viruses were rampant on the Amiga in the 1990s. It turns out that even in the year 2018, Amiga viruses still have the power to annoy unsuspecting users. This article describes getting infected with a 27 year old virus, what the symptoms were and how to cure it.
Creating an Amiga Bootblock Demo
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Fixing Amiga Rogue
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In 1980, the ASCII art dungeon crawler 'Rogue' took Dungeons and Dragons nerds by storm with its randomized levels full of copyright-infringing DnD monsters, mysterious potions, and loot. It was the first roguelike, and in 1986, an Amiga version was released. This article explains why the game doesn't run on your standard Amiga 500, and how to fix it.